Compliance Aids

Forgetting to take your tablets?

Pharmacists nowadays have a range of solutions that can assist you or your patient in making sure they get the most of their medicines.

We begin by arranging an assessment - this can be done in the pharmacy, or at your home by one of our qualified assessors. Just call 0800 027 6910 and ask for a home assessment, or pop into store.

The 2 main compliance assistance programs we use are Repeat Management or Compliance Aids.


Repeat Manager is used by the pharmacist to automatically order and supply you with your repeat medication. Its a bit like setting up a standing order - every month or every 2 months, your medication is ordered from your doctor, dispensed and ready for you. We can even deliver it to your home or workplace free of charge.

You can see the website for this here:

Your pharmacist must fill in a form to sign you up for this service, but its completely free and very easy to use - you can do everything over the phone, you dont ever need to look at a website if you don't want to.


After an assessment, we can provide you or your client with a weekly compliance box.

We basically take over all aspects of repeat prescription order and supply, with generally a weekly delivery to your home from one of our drivers - and an enhanced service when you contact us in the pharmacy.

You will be given an 0800 number to contact your local pharmacist on - and we basically deal directly with your doctor to make sure you get the highest standard of service possible - making it as easy for you as it is possible to do so. All you need to do is remember to take the tablets!

An example pack is shown below.

For carers and families, we also provide MAR charts and Cassette sheets - to assist with medicines compliance.

We also have special services specifically for Sheltered Housing and nursing homes.

All of our services a to the patient.

Call 0800 027 6910 today to register.